My Writing

Welcome to my writing page! I’ll be posting links to some of my work here, as well as giving some general info about my WiP (Work in Progress).

The Current WiP

  • Title: The L.S. M.S. (find out why it’s called that here)
  • Word/Page Count: 95,804/327
  • Genre: paranormal fiction with a religious twist
  • Status: Drafting

The L.S. M.S., as I so fondly refer to my WiP on this blog, is a novel about a vampire who is vying for a leadership position in his coven when a fellow vampire’s grave mistake brings him face to face with the most dangerous thing a vampire can encounter: religion and the Christian faith. I’m currently drafting it, but eventually I hope to start querying it. 🙂

Other Works

On Wattpad (a link to my profile, if you’re curious)

On my school’s news site, Crimson

  • “I of the Storm”: a short, very personal piece I wrote about what happens when a writer experiences heartbreak

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