What I’m Currently Interested In Reading

This is by no means a checklist of criteria your manuscript(s) must meet in order for me to read your manuscript; it is merely a compilation of what I’m currently interested in reading/searching for. If your story contains any of these things, feel free to share it with me!

historical fiction

I’ve finished my APUSH course, and, while this definitely doesn’t make me an expert historian, it does mean that certain features of American history are still fresh in my head. If you need somebody to read for historical accuracy, consider me; I don’t specialize in any particular part of American history, but I’d love to read more historical fiction and use the knowledge I do have to make sure your work is accurate! (Note: I didn’t take AP World, but I’m fascinated by more modern international developments, so please send those to me; I won’t be able to read them for accuracy, but I can be an interest reader, for sure!)

highly interested in: 

American history: Jacksonian Era (circa 1820-1840), the Market Revolution period, Antebellum Era, World Wars I & II, the Cold War, the Great Depression (esp. centered around the New Deal/FDR)

World history: WWI, WWII (I love, love, love reading about the World Wars, so please send me stories about WWI and WWII!), Cold War, Soviet Union (again, can’t fact-check, but I’d love to read stories about the USSR!), imperialism in other countries

in YA fantasy


I recently realized there aren’t many disabled (main) characters in YA fantasy, and I want to see more of them, because disabled people do exist. If your story has a character (primarily a protagonist/prominent character) with a disability of some sort, I’m interested. I can’t be a sensitivity reader, but I’d definitely be willing to give you feedback on the story overall/my perception of how those characters are portrayed and how that disability is represented.

mental health

This is another element I don’t see in YA fantasy–characters with depression, anxiety, bipolar, or any other mental illness. I would love to read your YA fantasy manuscript if it contains a protagonist who is bipolar, schizophrenic, depressed, clinically anxious, or anything else.

Please note: I can be a sensitivity reader for the following: depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts/actions. I can be a sensitivity reader for others as well, but I might not be able to assess the accuracy of your portrayal, because I do not have personal experience with other forms of mental illness like I do with depression and anxiety.

YA fantasy with Fae/faries

I’m always looking for excellent fae novels, and I’d love to read yours! I like my Fae fierce, cruel, and cunning, but a mix of vulnerability/recognizable “human” emotion is also nice, seeing as I’m a very emotional person and it will help me better relate to your characters. (For further reference, I enjoy the ACOTAR series.) I look forward to reading your work!

more YA focused on the Middle East/Middle Eastern culture

I am of Syrian heritage, and I love the Middle Eastern culture and its richness and vitality. However, I find this culture is strongly underrepresented in YA literature–especially in YA contemporary. I’d love to read more novels with Middle Eastern protagonists, even if the story does not physically take place in the Middle East.

Please note: I’m only 3/8 Syrian, so I can’t necessarily confirm the accuracy of certain Middle Eastern spellings (they always seem to vary)/traditions/cultural norms. However, I can compare them with my own experiences, and I have plenty of others I can ask to confirm for you. I’m also not Muslim, so I won’t be able to confirm the accuracy of any portrayal of Islam or Muslim culture. But still, I love the Middle East, and I’d love to read more about it, so please send over your manuscript if it has any Middle Eastern elements.