Beta Reading


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Why should you choose me as a beta reader?

I love to read. I love books–love them–and I’m always looking for good ones! It would be my pleasure to look over your work as the extra pair of eyes you need. 🙂 Also, as a teenager, I can offer you valuable insight on how realistic your characters’ mannerisms/thought processes are, if you’re writing a YA manuscript.

I love to write. Just like you, I write, so I know that you’re asking for betas because you want feedback, and you want to make your work better. I can give you feedback not only from a reader’s standpoint, but from a writer’s standpoint–not just pointing out problems, but also pointing out possible solutions.

I’m very thorough. I’m very detail-oriented. If I give you criticism, I’ll always try to give you a way to fix whatever the problem is, and I’ll try very hard to articulate clearly both the weaknesses and the strengths of your work.

I have a good eye. As someone who’s worked on her school yearbook for several years, I am accustomed to looking for small errors/typos. If you need somebody to read over your work for minor issues, I can help! Small things are my expertise; I’ve been known to catch small things others miss, especially when it comes to syntax and grammar.

I understand syntax and diction well. As Editor in Chief of my school’s online news site, reading for sentence flow and word choice is something I have plenty of experience with–and something I’m good at. As a fellow writer, I understand how important it is for a sentence/paragraph/passage to sound nice. As an editor, I understand how important clarity is, too. I can help you find a way that will communicate what you are trying to say clearly and effectively; clearer writing is stronger writing.

I’m dedicated. I take on tasks seriously, so when I decide to beta a novel, I want to give the best feedback I possibly can. I want to be reliable and thorough, and I want to help your writing be the best it can possibly be!

What can you expect from me?

While the specific answer to this question depends on what type of feedback you’re looking for, overall you can expect honest, constructive feedback from not only a reader, but a fellow writer.


Please fill out this form, and I’ll be in touch with you soon. Thanks for stopping by!

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, I do not accept submissions in the following genres:

  • erotica
  • horror/thriller
  • nonfiction
  • memoir

Thank you for understanding!