Mood & Music Monday: 7/31/17 + AUGUST TBR

Hello, friends, and welcome this week’s Mood and Music Monday!

Mood and Music Monday is a weekly meme I’ve started, wherein I’ll post a song and talk about how it relates to my day/week, as well as a few other things. (And, in case anyone’s wondering, this meme has no relation to Lauren’s [from Always Me] “Music Mondays.”) Feel free to participate and to leave a link to your posts down in the comments!

Here’s the update for this week:


What are you listening to? Somehow, I went on a Coldplay binge this weekend, and this song has been played very often over the past few days. I’ve never really heard anything like it. It’s a serious song, but it also sounds…fun, I guess? And epic, too. Definitely hard to put in one box.

What are you reading? I’ve finished The Night Circus and But I Love Him. Currently doing a reread of An Ember in the Ashes, which I am about 150 pages into and very much enjoying. 🙂

What are you drinking? Kombucha, and lots of water!

Any goals for this week? Actually finishing school applications and finishing up summer assignments. Can I do it? We’ll see.

How about you?

  • What song(s) are you listening to today?
  • What is your current read? Are you enjoying it?
  • Do you have any plans or goals for this week?


I didn’t get far with my July TBR, so my August TBR will just be whatever I didn’t finish from my July TBR. Hopefully I can pull it off!


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