RECREATED (Reawakened, #2): Review

27774409Recreated (Reawakened, #2) by Colleen Houck
Published by Delacorte Press on August 2, 2016
Genres: young adult fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, mythology
Pages: 416
Format: Hardcover
Amazon Barnes & Noble | Goodreads | IndieBound

Rating: ★★  

*sighs* This is not the review I’d hoped to be writing. Not at all.

I loved Reawakened–way more than I was expecting to. It wasn’t a sophisticated novel, by any means (especially prose-wise), but that book was cute and fun and made me giggle.

This one? This book just made me sad.

Two very important elements made me enjoy the first book so much:

  1. Amon (and all the scenes where he was just being adorable)
  2. the humor, especially the bantering between Amon and his brothers

This book sorely lacks both of these elements, and the quality of the story suffers for it. Because, without these things to mask the faults of the story, all the holes show here.

The plot seems pretty straightforward at the beginning of the book: Get Amon out of the Netherworld–or at least give him back his heart, because he’s suffering. But this becomes needlessly complicated way too quickly. Apparently Lily needs to become a Sphinx in order to enter the Netherworld, but then she completes the ceremony incorrectly and ends up having to share her body and mind with a lioness named Tia.

And then, in order to save one of the brothers, they have to gather resources from a tree, which kills the tree and binds an Irish fairy (don’t ask me, I have no idea what Houck was thinking here) named Ashleigh to Lily and Tia in the process? It’s all so weird and random.

But what made it worse, I think, was that, because Lily’s sharing a body with two other females and each one is in love with a different brother, there’s…what? A love hexagon? And then Lily gets the hots for Ahmose out of nowhere and kisses him with no build-up, knowing Amon will be hurt by this? Again, random and totally unnecessary. I get that, because Lily’s “Sphinx” now, it’s hard for her to distinguish her own thoughts from Ashleigh’s and Tia’s, but it’s killing me not knowing if it’s their attraction to these guys that Lily’s acting on, or her own.



Also, where the characters seemed different and developed in the first book, they are less so here. Ahmose and the third brother (literally spent 20 minutes trying to find his name and failed, which should tell you just how forgettable he is) mostly blurred into one person, Dr. Hassan was this really uppity old guy more interested in opportunity than the safety of others (or maybe that was Lily), and Amon was very mopey. I understand Amon is in pain and is being tortured. But I think, if he’d had more of a presence in this book and if he’d shown a wider variety of emotions (or even more emotions at all), he’d have stood out as a more vivid character to me here.

All in all, an extreme disappointment. I’ll likely read the last book just to see how the series ends, but I might also read spoilers, just to save on time. I really don’t want to be disappointed again, and there are other, better books to read.


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