Mood and Music Monday: 10/3/16

Hello, everybody! Welcome to this week’s Mood and Music Monday!

Mood and Music Monday is a weekly meme I’ve started, wherein I’ll post a song and talk about how it relates to my day/week, as well as a few other things. (And, in case anyone’s wondering, this meme has no relation to Lauren’s [from Always Me] “Music Mondays.”) Feel free to participate and to leave a link to your posts down in the comments!

Here’s the update for this week:


What are you listening to? BANKS’s new album, The Altar, dropped this past Friday, and I’ve been listening to songs from that. BANKS’s first album, Goddess, was a big inspiration for my current WiP (The L.S. MS), so she holds a special place in my heart.

This album sounds different–a lot more R&B-influenced than her first one, for sure. It’s a little noisier and more upbeat, and has less of that simmering brooding that I loved so much in the first album. I’m trying to figure out if I like it. Favorites so far include “Lovesick,” “Gemini Feed,” “Trainwreck,” “Mind Games,” “To The Hilt,” and “27 Hours.”

What are you reading? I finished And I Darken and Replica. (A review for the latter will be up tomorrow.) Right now, I’m reading This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab and an ARC of Gemina (!!!!!!) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I’m starting get more into the former, and I’m hoping it continues to pick up so I can enjoy it more; it’s one of my most highly-anticipated reads this year, but I find myself underwhelmed.

What can I say about Gemina? At 100 pages, I’m still getting into it, but stuff’s finally starting to go down, and I’m already getting nervous. Just another walk in the park for me with those two demon-authors. 😉 They just love making me anxious.

Still working on The Crucible. Things are getting intense there, too. (Is it too much to ask for books to NOT make me stressed. Like, PLEASE. I BEG YOU. APUSH does that to me already.)

What are you drinking? Kombucha and water. Both keep me sane at this point.

Any goals for this week?  Reviews and writing. I have a review of Replica that should be up tomorrow (Replica‘s release date [!!!]) and beta-reading I’m doing, so I’m a little stressed to get both of those things done. But I’m going to try and write this week so I have something new to report on Wednesday besides my failure in making my writing a priority. >_<

How about you?

  • What song(s) are you listening to today?
  • What is your current read? Are you enjoying it?
  • Do you have any plans or goals for this week?



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