WiP Wednesday: 8/3/16

Hello, and welcome to this week’s #WiPWednesday post! #WiPWednesday is a weekly meme started by Brigid Gorry-Hines from Wordfare. Every Wednesday, I’m supposed to post an update about my WiP (Work in Progress), including word count and where I’m at in writing/revising it. Hopefully, doing this meme will keep me motivated to continue working on my WiP.

So let’s get started! I’ll try to fill out these categories as best as I can.

WIP:  The L.S. M.S.

Writing or Revising? 

Still revising plot holes via the rewriting of certain scenes.

Current Word Count: 97, 909

Lost a little more than 1k compared to last time by combining certain scenes with others and cutting the rest.

How It’s Going:

I’m still working on other scenes and doing damage control for plot holes. I’m finding opportunities to include scenes/lines from previous drafts in the book in this new one, which is exciting. I was bummed that some of those lines wouldn’t make it into the final draft, but it looks like they might be here to stay. (For now, anyway.)

Maybe it’s because I’m combining things, but this draft doesn’t feel as cohesive to me as previous ones have. I guess I’ll only know for sure if everything gels when I print out this draft and read it over, which could be a while from now, given that school starts in a few weeks.

Goal for Next Week:  

To finish combining those scenes, (re)write more, and then fix plot holes. I’ll be busy the rest of this week, so I don’t know if it’ll happen, but I’m beginning to see what accomplishing those things will look like in the manuscript, and I’m really glad about that. 🙂


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