WiP Wednesday: 6/8/16

Hi, there! I told you I’d be back, and here I am. 🙂

So, it’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to focus on the WiP (Work in Progress). #WiPWednesday is a weekly meme started by Brigid Gorry-Hines from Wordfare. Every Wednesday, I’m supposed to post an update about my WiP (Work in Progress), including word count and where I’m at in writing/revising it. Hopefully, doing this meme will keep me motivated to continue working on my WiP.

So let’s get started! I’ll try to fill out these categories as best as I can.

WIP:  The L.S. M.S.

Writing or Revising? 

I’m still revising my manuscript, but guess what? I finished rereading it! 😀 Now I’m busy typing up summaries of each chapter so I can cut any fluff when I start on the big revisions.  I’ve also written another scene I might be inserting into the manuscript, which is pretty exciting.

Current Word Count: 97, 985

(Hehehe, only one word more than last time. It’ll change once I start cutting scenes, for sure.)

How It’s Going:

Things have been going a lot smoother! For a little while, I was worried I’d fallen out of love with my story, but it seems the love is still there. (Writing new scenes has definitely helped rekindle that.) That doesn’t mean revisions will be easy, but I’m trying to make it work and convince myself that all this will work toward something in the end.

Goal for Next Week:  

A peek at the chapter summary sheet. 🙂

To finish typing up chapter summaries so I can start on the larger, overall plot revisions! Maybe I can use the reward of writing news scenes as an incentive. 😉 I’m just hoping I’ll have time for that, though; it’s finals exam week for me, and I’m leaving on family vacation at the end of this week, so time that would be spent on the WiP will probably go toward packing and studying. But, if I have time, I’m going to try finishing up those chapter summaries.

It’s so nice to have reached this milestone. I’m excited to keep developing my story, and I can’t wait to see where revisions take me…for now, that is. 😉


2 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday: 6/8/16

  1. Yay!! Glad to see you are making progress. Congrats on re-reading your whole manuscript, and it’s great that your enthusiasm for your story has been rekindled. 😀 … I haven’t participated in my own meme in a long time; I’ve been doing more researching than writing, but maybe that’s still worth making a post about. 😛

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