WiP Marathon: Intro

Hey, all! I promised I’d be back with a post about my current novel, and here I am!

I’ve decided that, to keep me on track with editing this thing, I’ll be participating in two weekly memes: WiP Marathon and #WiPWednesday (created by Brigid Gory-Hines of Wordfare). (For anyone who doesn’t know, “WiP” stands for “Work in Progress,” and references a writer’s current novel/manuscript.)

Since it’s Wednesday, it seems reasonable to assume this would be a #WiPWednesday post, right? Well, I figured there was no point in updating you on the progress of my current work if you had no clue what the novel was about. So this will be my WiP Marathon Intro post, and, starting next week, I’ll be posting for #WiPWednesday every Wednesday (duh). Close to the end of the month, I’ll post a WiP Marathon check-in to keep you updated on my progress and goals for each month.

So, without further ado, let’s get started on my WiP Marathon intro!


Marathon Goal:

I’m currently rereading my novel and making chapter summaries so I can delete filler scenes later and get an idea of the overall plot. I’m hoping to finish that by the end of this month so I can devote May to those big, scary plot edits. 0_0

Stage of Writing:

I’m in the revision stages, somewhere between the second and third draft of my WiP, so I’m editing more than I’m writing. On April 16, it’ll be a year since I finished the first draft, which I started in November of 2015. Hopefully this marathon, combined with #WipWednesdays, will help me work on my WiP more consistently.

What inspired my current project:

Quite a few things inspired my WiP, and they kind of surfaced or occurred all at once: a Banks song (or two or three), a friend’s offhand comment about someone we both knew being an “emotional vampire,” and me wondering what would happen if a vampire had an extended encounter with a Christian priest and another vampire who still ascribed to her human faith.

Basically, it’s vampires meets Orthodox Christianity. I’m still trying to figure out what age range and genre I could classify that under, but hopefully I’ll get there as time goes on and I tweak more things.

What might slow down my marathon goal: 

School, for sure, as well as church services, which happen more often around this time of year.

Also, I’ve been really tired as of late, which causes me to push off revisions until “next time” and helps me procrastinate. But I will make this goal, I promise (and, if I don’t, I’ll be humiliated because I broke my promise on the Internet). I can do this. (I think.)

Best time of the day for writing:

The afternoon on weekends, and, on week nights, probably the evening. The problem with writing or revising in the evening for me is that usually I stay up too late doing it. 😛


So, there you have it: my first WiP Marathon post. 🙂 Here’s to all the posts to come! Check back tomorrow or Friday for another book review, and stay tuned for more WiP updates.


2 thoughts on “WiP Marathon: Intro

  1. Yay, I’m so glad you’re joining in on #WIPWednesday! I look forward to reading your updates. 😀 Your novel sounds really cool––I’m always interested to see new takes on vampires. Also I love Banks!

    1. Brigid! Hi! 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by (and for creating this challenge, of course). I’m excited to finally share more about this novel with the world; I’m hoping it ends up actually being as cool as it sounds, haha. And Banks really is wonderful!

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